Wacky Monkey

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Despite the constant release of new products on the most popular topics, classic slots still remain in the tops of the best models. Crazy Monkey is an original creation from the Igrosoft studio. It does not contain famous characters, 3D elements and other modern “tricks”, but there is an unusual, completely author’s idea. And this slot is available for you at Vavada Casino.

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Appearance and gameplay of the slot

Crazy Monkey on avtomaty-cash.com is made in a humorous style, offering the most common monkeys as the main characters. It is also worth noting the lack of “bright effects”. Instead, the slots have clear outlines in a “drawn” style. This feature allowed them to become less obsolete, standing out favorably among hundreds of similar models.

The device is a port of a rather old physical version, which makes it impossible to surprise with its appearance. However, quite a simple design is complemented by a fun atmosphere. Pleasant colors with a jungle in the background fit perfectly into it.

The set is quite common for classic Igrosoft devices, albeit with an original style. Standard symbols are made in the form of a butterfly, snake, pineapple, banana, anvil and lion. Also, a scatter symbol in the form of a monkey may appear on the screen (you need to collect 3 to access the mini-game), a Wild symbol and a special “device logo”.

As a mini-game, Crazy Monkey offers to feed the monkey. The more she eats, the higher the bonus will be. The player must choose between three vines, pulling which the monkey will get a fruit or an anvil on the head.

Another bonus level offers to choose one of two plates. With a 50% chance, the player will receive a bonus.

How is Crazy Monkey different from other slots?

First of all, a fun mini-game that offers a completely different gameplay that is not based on slots. The graphics are simple, but not overloaded. The device looks best on the screen of a smartphone, but even running on a PC will not cause a negative reaction. Also, the device is very popular due to a very generous bonus system. This is the slot you need to use if you want to play slot machines for money. Mini-games with due luck help to quickly increase the available balance.